Napa Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer

Napa Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer

Napa Dissolution of Marriage Attorney

When two people get married in Napa, CA, they have no intention of getting divorced someday. However, almost half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce or separation.

Making the choice to bring your marriage to an end is never simple, but it is sometimes what is right for both spouses. If you are considering ending your marriage, or you and your spouse have already discussed your options, find a firm like Hayes Family Law to support you through your case.

Guiding Napa Residents Through a Challenging Divorce

Many people dread beginning the divorce process because they’ve heard about how grueling it can be. What most people don’t realize is that, with the help of a skilled divorce attorney, your case has the potential to go much more smoothly. At Hayes Family Law, we have made it our goal to offer family legal services unlike any other firm. We tailor our representation to each unique case and are devoted to making the divorce process as simple as it can be. When you decide to end your marriage, working with a certified family law attorney is a necessity. Our staff at Hayes Family Law is ready to help when you reach out.

What Is the Dissolution of Marriage?

The dissolution of marriage, more commonly called divorce, occurs when a married couple decides that they want to terminate their legal relationship. Through a divorce, the legal ties between a couple are severed, and they can start fresh after it has been finalized. A couple can dissolve their marriage in California using multiple methods, including the following:


Divorce is the most common method used by couples looking to end their marriage. A divorce can either be contested or uncontested. This is because California grants married couples the right to attempt to settle their divorce outside of court. If they can amicably agree on all legal matters without going through litigation, they can file what is known as an uncontested divorce. If a married couple is not able to agree on each legal matter, or the spouse that was served disagrees with the terms, the divorce will be considered contested and must go through family court. It is possible to take a contested divorce through other alternative dispute resolutions if you are looking to avoid litigation.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is not a permanent option to end a marriage. Instead, it temporarily provides a married couple with certain boundaries so that they can live apart. Spouses can request child support and spousal support, but other rights that come with a divorce, like the separation of property, will not be included. When a married couple is legally separated, they are still regarded as being legally married. This means that if you want to fully dissolve your marriage, and cut all legal ties with each other, you must file for an official divorce.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution methods offer married couples opportunities to reach settlements in a more constructive way than litigation. By using a neutral third party, known as a mediator, a divorcing couple can come together in a comfortable environment to discuss their legal concerns and needs. A mediator is experienced in family law and conflict resolution, allowing them to guide parties into settlements that they both feel confident in.

FAQs About Napa, CA Dissolution of Marriage Laws

How Long Does the Dissolution of a Marriage Take in Napa, California?

The type of divorce that you and your spouse choose will have the largest impact on the length of the process. However, it’s also critical to note that every California divorce must pause for a waiting period of six months before it can be finalized. This means that, even if you are involved in an uncontested divorce, you will still have to wait a full six months before it is official. Highly contested divorces can take even longer, especially if there are consistent arguments between the spouses.

Is Getting Divorced in California Expensive?

Every individual involved in a divorce ends up spending a different amount. The total cost of your divorce will depend on a collection of details, such as:

  • Your lawyer
  • How long your divorce lasts
  • Whether you must go through litigation
  • If children are involved

While there is no way to know the exact amount you will spend on your divorce, totaling your assumed costs can help you estimate so that you can put money aside for it.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer for Marriage Dissolution?

Realistically, it is smart to hire legal counsel as soon as you have made the decision to end your relationship or have been served papers. A Nepa dissolution of marriage lawyer has comprehensive knowledge of the divorce process, allowing them to be beneficial throughout every proceeding. Whether you are looking to file an uncontested divorce or know that your upcoming separation will be highly contested, talk to a family lawyer as soon as you can.

What Is the Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation in California?

Arbitration is another form of alternative dispute resolution. This method is often confused with mediation but differs slightly in how settlements are made. In mediation, agreements are made between two separating partners with the help of their mediator. In arbitration, settlements are made by the arbitrator, who works almost like a private judge. Separating couples have more control in mediation than in arbitration. This is because the ultimate decision on divorce details is left up to the arbitrator and not the couple in question.

Find the Support You Deserve at Hayes Family Law

Our attorneys at Hayes Family Law understand just how demanding the dissolution of a marriage can be. From disagreements on child support to fighting for your right to alimony, having a lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf during settlement matters is fundamental. Discover family law services that are uniquely tailored to you at Hayes Family Law.

To schedule a consultation with our firm and discuss how our services can aid in the dissolution of your Napa County marriage, contact us today.